Wellness Program

BritCay has joined forces with one of the world's most recognizable brands to launch a wellness program for its valued clients. With Virgin Pulse, Premier Health members receive online tools and community support to assist in developing healthier behaviors.

We offer two levels of program--Ultimate and Express.

All of our Premier Health clients enjoy the benefits of Express. Our Corporate Wellness clients enjoy the additional benefits of the Ultimate program. 

The programs include the following features:




Secure online account and community X X
Challenges X X
Activity tracking X X
Biometrics tracking X X
Virtual trophies X X
Friends & Family X X
Nutrition tracking X X
Recipes X X
Included tracking device X  
Biometrics (integrated) X  
BritCay challenges and rewards X  


For all Premier Health Wellness Program clients

Online account and community. Your personal account on the Virgin Pulse website allows you to keep track of your activity and progress and allows you to interact with others on the program. You can set up challenges and see how friends and colleagues are doing.

Challenges. Members can create a challenge for themselves or invite others so that they can push and encourage one another.

Activity tracking. All members are able to integrate a device such as the Virgin Max, Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin Vivofit, and Polar HRM with the Virgin Platform to track their progress. Don't have a device? Moves and Endomondo are activity tracking apps that can turn your smartphone into a compatible tracking device.

Biometrics tracking. Weight and blood pressure can be entered and tracked.

Rewards. Virtual trophies are given for accomplishments and milestones.

Invite friends and family. You can invite up to ten friends and family members to join you on your journey to better health. You’ll be able to challenge one another as well as encourage and inspire each other. Your friends and family members will be able to enjoy all the Express Program benefits.

Nutrition tracking. Making smart food choices is a very important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Sign up to MyFitnessPal or link your existing account on this site to your Virgin Pulse account and earn extra points for tracking your daily food intake.

Recipes. Get food and recipe recommendations personalized just for you through Zipongo. You can explore recipes and plan your weekly menus and shopping lists and earn extra points for doing so.

For our Corporate Wellness clients

In addition to the above, our Corporate Wellness Clients have the following added benefits through the Virgin Pulse Ultimate Suite:

Tracking device. All members will receive a compatible device from BritCay to stay on top of their progress.

Integrated biometrics tracking. With the members’ consent, BritCay will upload each member’s biometric data (tested by BritCay in-house staff and nurses) to each individual’s account. Members will be able to track their progress over time.

BritCay challenges and rewards. Members may participate in BritCay quarterly challenges and earn points and rewards. The more a member engages in healthy behavior, the more points they will earn. As they earn more points, they will progress through various Reward Levels earning entries at each level. Each client/employer is responsible for administrating an internal rewards program.