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Thank you for your continued business and support during this challenging period. Our office will continue to be open to serve clients from 9am – 5pm. While we are open to the public, we still encourage our customers to reach us remotely via phone or email to ensure we can continue to keep our staff, clients and community safe. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Pensions, investment and retirement

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Colonial Pension Services

British Caymanian Insurance Agencies Limited acts as an agent for Colonial Pension Services Ltd. who provides a wealth of industry and jurisdictional knowledge with years of experience in plan set-up and administration. Our pension platform ‘Custodian’ offers a flexible, cost effective, and full service pension solution for employers seeking a pension plan for their employees.

Why choose Colonial Pension Services

  • Competitive rates of return
  • Plan flexibility
  • Customized investment options
  • Retirement support and solutions
  • Free accidental death and total disability cover
  • Employee education

Providing the best investment strategies

Custodian provides members with personalized investment strategies. Members can:

  • Create their own self-directed investment portfolio
  • Choose a managed risk profile

Our self-directed option allows individuals to customize their own asset allocation strategies from the individual funds offered on our platform. Alternatively, our managed risk profile options offer preset asset allocation portfolios providing individuals with attractive returns whilst providing for personal risk tolerance levels.

Ensuring your pension plan is in good health

Our in-house Investment Policy Committee (IPC) provides a disciplined and robust investment process for the investment management activities of our clients. The IPC sets strategic investment policy, conducts manager search and selection, and monitors manager performance and management of risk.

This allows us to offer the most competitive investment returns across all product lines, which enables us to assist in providing long-term financial security for your employees.

Assisting your employees to be retirement ready

Colonial Pension Services provides personalized guidance and support to our members through enrollment and pension review sessions and facilitates investment seminars with many of the world's well known and "best-in-class" investment managers and experts.

Our dedicated client services team meets regularly with our members to assist them in developing customized retirement plans to have the retirement they deserve.

Additionally, pension members can monitor their own retirement planning progress online at any time and make changes to their personal or investment profiles as needed. Members can use our online tools, including our user-friendly retirement calculator, to ensure that they are on track for retirement.

Colonial Pension Services Ltd. is licensed to conduct Investment Business by the Bermuda Monetary Authority. Please review our General Information and Disclosures for more information.

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